The Lyric Opera Journal is an online music magazine based in Malta and read worldwide. The magazine covers worldwide lyric opera production. The magazine covers worldwide lyric opera production. The development of the network of journalists and critics aims to expand the newspaper's activities from Europe, to the US, Japan, Latin America and Russia, by the end of 2020.


The key values of our newspaper are:


The purpose of our reviews is two-fold: 

1. Provinding a detailed public record of a production, concert or festival;
2. Giving the reader an informed perspective on the concert, album or book;




1. The reviewer is therefore part reporter and part critic. If a writer can document or report upon a new work or performance in a detailed way, they are then well positioned to provide an informed perspective on it. The popular image of a music review as all opinion is not how we look at it. 
2. The reviewer first need is create a clear public record of the music, of the artists or the orchestra performance, the direction. It is the first step. 

3.  The opinion comes after;

4.  Our goal is to spread excellence, art and talent;



Reviews, Articles and Interviews can be requested by writing to request@lyricopera.eu

All requests are taken into consideration and the Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse or accept the assignment, only in accordance with the three key values of our newspaper and which underpin the principle of meritocracy: quality, artistic potential, excellence;

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